Date: 8/30/17 6:44 pm
From: Dyl Pedro via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Montville Red-headed Woodpecker, Olive-sided Flycatcher, plus!
Went to Morgan Chaney CAS in Montville this evening in hopes of seeing a Nighthawk, but found much more!

I started at the Turner Rd. entrance and looked out at Lake Konomoc, where a Great Egret was on the shore. A Yellow-throated Vireo was singing nearby. I then realized I had no idea how to get to the clear cut from this side and decided to drive around instead (any one have a trail map for here? I got lost last time I was here and ended up on the powerlines!)

From the Fire Rd. entrance I walked in and found an Eastern Newt along the path, and then arrived at the clearcut. I stood for a few minutes and saw that distinctive cross of white flash by and land in a large dead oak (the one with all the shelf fungus along the stone wall), and to my surprise a adult Red-headed Woodpecker appeared from it! All of its woodpecker friends were calling nearby, too, except for a Sapsucker. I do wonder if any Red-headed Woodpeckers successfully nested in this area, as there have been quite a few sightings in Salem/Lyme over the past 6 months or so.

The RHWO eventually flew back to the far edge of the clear cut, so I walked up to the tree. Because it looked like such a good Olive-sided Flycatcher tree! And lo! an Olive-sided Flycatcher appeared on a higher bare branch. It sallied around for awhile, catching a bug or two, and then went down to the top of a nearby brush pile before I lost track of it.

Soon thereafter, a Common Nighthawk flew by.

Photos embedded in checklist below

Happy Fall

Dylan Pedro


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