Date: 8/30/17 1:21 pm
From: <david_assmann...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Fort Mason: Redstart, Lark Sparrow, Lincoln's Sparrow
Good birds continue at Fort Mason. The AMERICAN REDSTART was still there early this morning at the side of the stairs leading down to Aquatic Park, although it was not nearly as confiding as yesterday, and only offered a couple of brief looks. A LARK SPARROW on the grass across from Aquatic Park was much more obliging as it foraged with several HOUSE FINCHES and allowed itself to be photographed. One of the WANDERING TATTLERS was on a rock on the edge of Aquatic Park, essentially oblivious to all the people walking just a few feet away. A lingering PIGEON GUILLEMOT was west of the abandoned pier. There was a LINCOLN'S SPARROW in with the many SONG SPARROWS on the way back up the steps. A WESTERN WOOD PEWEE was in the vicinity as well. A number of WILSON'S WARBLERS and a YELLOW WARBLER were seen in various places (although not in the garden, which didn't appear to have any migrants). A Willow Flycatcher and Townsend's Warblers were seen by others birding Fort Mason this morning. No sign of the Black-and-White Warbler (seen yesterday - 19 days after it first arrived).

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