Date: 8/30/17 8:59 am
From: Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...>
Subject: [obol] Mystery Vocalizations in Portland
Good morning everyone - while on my morning jog today, I heard an
interesting bird near the Adidas Campus in North Portland. I was running
through a residential neighborhood at around 6:30 am and I heard a bird
making a loud "pick" sound repeatedly. It was perched near the top of a
mature Linden tree. I stopped jogging and began to listen. It made one or
two short, muffled warbles and then went back to making a "pick" sound.
After maybe 20 seconds, it flew off, continuing to "pick" loudly. It
appeared to be a medium sized passerine in flight.

I will start by saying that I am rather familiar with Purple Finches. The
main thing that drew me to this bird, was how different it sounded from any
of the birds I'd expect to hear in Portland. The "pick" sound was very
loud and sharp, more pronounced than I generally hear from a Purple Finch.
The warble was a quick phrase or two, sounded a bit muffled and incomplete,
and one that I am unfamiliar with.

I'm wondering if you all have any insights to share? Do Purple Finches
occasionally "pick" very loudly, even in flight? I'm familiar with their
soft "pik" and what I heard was different.

Is entertaining the thought that this bird was possibly a Blue Grosbeak
sound outlandish? I'm unfamiliar with the species, but the vocalization I
found on xeno-canto seemed very close to what I heard (although habitat
seems all wrong).

Finally, are there any other candidates I'm forgetting?

Good birding everyone,
-Nick Mrvelj

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