Date: 8/30/17 3:46 am
From: Jeffrey Blalock via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Juvenile Laughing Gull
Greetings all.

Evan Spears, Amanda and Julian Dymacek reported a Laughing Gull from Staunton River State Park a few days ago and I have been down either to Staunton River SP or Staunton View Park to see it but haven't had any luck.

Late yesterday afternoon I decided to go to SRSP and see if I could go find the Parasitic Jaeger reported by Evan on Aug 28th.

Arriving at the park just before 1600 hrs, I reached the Staunton River bank and within half an hour I found a Laughing Gull but this was a first year juvenile and not the one found earlier.

About 30 minutes later birding with David Pennebaker from NC we found the Jaeger and was able to get some great looks at it through our scopes but it was too far for pictures.

While we were looking at the Jaeger the Peregrine Falcon seen in the area came flying in and harassing everyone in the area making all the Gulls and Jaeger to get up and fly.

At this time we lost sight of the Jaeger and we watched the Falcon fly back and forth trying to catch supper with no luck.

At one point a small song bird harassed the Falcon and then the Falcon decided to go after it for its next meal. We watched for several minutes as the aerial battle took place with several near catches by the Falcon but at last it gave up and the song bird flew off unharmed but I'm sure a little shaken up and tired.

Soon afterwards we relocated the Jaeger but it was still too far for pictures.

It was a great way to end the day as we walked back to our cars dark threatening clouds were moving in and I didn't care to get soaking wet.

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May God Bless and Keep You

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