Date: 8/29/17 4:45 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] If we (re)build it
Fall shorebird migration here depends a lot on restored wet spots, scrapes,
marshes, where shorebirds might stop late in our annual summer/fall drought
and every field is dried up. The Willamette Valley was half marshy back in
the day and then it was all drained and tiled in the 1940s or more for
farming. A few decades ago the wettest and most worthless farm ground, in
a partnership with usually 3 partners, Federal, State and Private was
beginning to reclaim some of these formerly wet areas and the wildlife
refuges too

Those mudflats the shorebirds like the best require active management
today, sometimes the refuge manager, whatever doesn't give you what you
want often in order to curb this or that invasive or something.

All that to say that just now, Pintail Marsh in Ankeny NWR is working
perfectly, and the shorebirds came. When I was still in my car, I saw a
GOLDEN PLOVER in front of me, out on that first island. Then some people
were waving to come over there, they had a SOLITARY SANDPIPER in front of
them Later we couldn't tell what flavor the GP was until when Russ Namitz
came up then we walked to where there was a better view. To add to
whatever Russ reported, we saw 2 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS. Wilson's Phalaropes
seem to be all gone now for a week or more

Roy Gerig Salem OR
(this is not political)

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