Date: 8/29/17 1:16 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: [obol] Lake Abert Shorebird Survey
Yesterday, I participated in the East Cascades Audubon's shorebird
survey of Lake Abert in Lake County.  I was joined by Jim and Sue
Anderson.  We counted all birds (not just shorebirds) that we heard or
saw.  Surveys are done from late July to September.  One of the main
purposes of this survey is to monitor Wilson's Phalarope populations in
the lake during migration. There were few Wilson's Phalaropes but this
may be a little late in their migration.  I was surprised by the lack of
peeps or other small shorebirds.  I thought we might find more than we
did.  Here are the highlights of my survey.

1 leucistic duck with a trailing brood (I think it was a pintail).  Sue
may have a photo.

4000 Northern Shovelers on the north end of the lake

3 Semipalmated Plover

Only 22 Killdeer

301 Black-necked Stilt

9486 American Avocet (smoke obscured our view or we would have had
several thousand more)

5 Willet

8 Least Sandpipers

4201 Red-necked Phalaropes

325 Wilson's Phalaropes (I've had more than 200,000 before at this site
on different dates)

9 Franklin's Gulls

2533 Ring-billed Gulls

538 California Gulls

1 Herring Gull    Pretty far away but I could see a large adult gull
with flattened forehead and pinkish legs.  I didn't put this on eBird
because I couldn't be 100% sure of the Id.  Something got the flock up
before I could really study it and it was lost.

2 Loggerhead Shrike

1 late Yellow-headed Blackbird

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Chuck Gates
Powell Butte,
Central Oregon
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