Date: 8/29/17 9:25 am
From: Greg Massey <gmassey001...>
Subject: Re: bird observation during the eclipse
Apparently, my first email did not send.
I experienced nearly the same thing during the eclipse. We observed it from my front yard. Prior to the start of the eclipse, birds were chirping and calling (titmice, chickadees, Cardinals, woodpeckers). When it became darker, the birds slowed down, and during the peak of the eclipse, there was complete silence. As more light became available, the birds started calling again. Very noticeable.

Greg Massey
Leland,NC 28451

---- John Fussell <jofuss...> wrote:
I experienced the eclipse at the Daventon Baptist Church parking lot,
southern Greenville County.

I thought that that would be a neat place to see the eclipse. My
great-grandparents donated the land for the church about 100 years ago, and
I had been there only once before. That was in 1955 or 1956.

About half-way into the "pre-partial eclipse", I became aware of 4 or 5
Chimney Swifts that were calling and flying around in the vicinity. I heard
them at least a few times during the rest of the pre-partial eclipse. I
definitely did not hear them during the total eclipse. However, within a
second or two of the full eclipse ending, when those first rays of the sun
burst through, I heard them again. They were very vocal, calling VERY fast
and excitedly.

Really neat experience. I'm glad we made the drive (even with the I-95
being a nightmare on the way back--didn't get home 'til 3am).

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC
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