Date: 8/29/17 3:24 am
From: Lynn Erla Beegle (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: LAUGHING GULL at Lake Crabtree (Southport marsh end); update on WOOD STORK at Lake Wheeler (marshes), Wake Co NC
Updates from Raleigh, Wake County, NC:

(1) A pair of immature LAUGHING GULL were seen at the Lake Crabtree
Southport mudflats on August 28. This mudflat is not easily visible
from the park, so head to 900 Aviation Parkway, and park in the back
behind the warehouse, then walk the steps down the wooded hill to the
Lake Crabtree trail. Turn RIGHT and go past a few sewer towers, then
turn LEFT when you see some orange flagging/string. This short path
ends at an overlook marked by a split-rail fence. Scope is required
for most shorebirds out there, but binoculars are enough to identify
the gulls.
You can see photographs of the Laughing Gulls on Eddie Owens' list:
Kevin H saw the Laughing Gulls Monday morning, Eddie photographed them
around 5 pm, and I saw them around 7:30 pm. And none of us knew that
the other had spotted these (rare) birds until we saw them all on
ebird! (well, they are rare around here....)

(1) The WOOD STORK was seen again by Kevin Hudson at "Lake Wheeler
marshes" on August 28, about 10 am. The Wood Stork tends to hide
behind the willows in the back of the marsh, out of view of the
overlook on Penny Road. You have to park, walk a trail that veers to
the left, and head around to the southwest side of the upper
lake/marsh and get a peek that way. I marked the start of the left
trail with yellow flagging on a small pine sapling to make it easier
to find.
Directions to Penny Road parking are included in this checklist:
Other nifty birds out there include Pectoral, Stilt, and Least
Sandpiper, both Yellowlegs, and Short-billed Dowitcher. Gotta have a
scope for those, and the view is best in the morning with the sun at
your back.

I think it is so interesting that the Wood Stork at Jordan Lake was
last seen (on ebird) around August 22, and this Wood Stork at Lake
Wheeler was first spotted August 27. It isn't a long way between those
two lakes, as the stork flies! Any speculation that this may be the
same bird? I'd sure love to see his "pink buddy" pop up at Lake

Good birding to you,
L Erla Beegle
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