Date: 8/28/17 9:16 pm
From: Patrick Ready <birdsready...>
Subject: [wisb] Madison Migrants etc
I spent some time the past 2 days birding around Madison looking for fall migrants. At Walnut Grove Park along Westfield Rd yesterday I found WILSON'S WARBLER, MAGNOLIA & AM. REDSTART and also 1 RED-EYED VIREO. By time I got to Pheasant Br it was pretty quite there. Today I started near Stoughton at Viking Co. Park but it was slow there so I headed up to La Follette Co. Park but all I saw there were 2 OSPREY, one trying to reclaim the nest taken by Great Horned Owls last spring. I went to Lk Kegonsa State Park and it was really birdy! Right near the office there were lots of CEDAR WAXWINGS, TENNESSEE WARBLER, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, E. BLUEBIRDS, PHILADELPHIA VIREO, WARBLING VIREO & RED-EYED VIREO, FIELD SPARROW and SONG SPARROW plus several COMMON NIGHTHAWKS were high over the prairie. I also had a COMMON NIGHTHAWK fly over my house this aft. Nice new yard bird. Late this afternoon at Elver Park there were 14 NIGHTHAWKS north of the ball fields. On the home run fence there were juvie E
. BLUEBIRDS, HOUSE FINCHES, BARN SWALLOWS and GOLDFINCHES hawking insects after the rain. In the drainage pond there were 3 Sandhills settling in for the night.

Pat Ready
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