Date: 8/28/17 6:19 pm
From: Nancy Anderson <0000000bf2aec77c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Meadowbrook Marsh, Ottawa Co 8/27-8/28 warblers/nighthawks
I have been going to Meadowbrook Marsh on the Marblehead Pennisula in Ottawa County the last few days.  On 8/27 I only had tree warbler species-- Blackpoll, Magnolia & American Redstart.  Today I went there from 12:05 to 2:19 and after about 15 mins it started to rain lightly and I only found Magnolia, Redstart & Chestnut-sided Warblers hidden in the woods.  Then the rain shut things down so I walked down to the main road and the marsh and when I came back I thought it had stopped raining but then it started again.  Then I started seeing more warblers right in the middle island of growth surrounded by asphalt walks near the wooden bridge/walk.  I had the following warblers: (3) Tennessee in same tree), (1) Yellow, (1) Chestnut-sided, (2) Magnolia, (1) Cape May, (1) Yellow-rumped, (1) Blackburnian, (1) Black-and-White, (3) American Redstarts.  I also missed a couple.  There were four Brown Thrashers in one tree, many Robins, Gnatcatchers, Red-eyed Vireos, Flickers, Eastern Wood Pewees, Least Flycatcher, Barn Swallows, few Chimney Swifts, Grackles, Starlings, a Marsh Wren.  On the way back to the car I looked up and saw a raptor with long pointy wings fly over and when I looked closer saw it was a Common Nighthawk with the white stripe on each wing.  I had to leave but came back later at 4:15pm but found no warblers.  But when walking back to the car 4:53pm I looked up and saw a kettle of black birds very high up but realized they were not Turkey Vultures as they had the long pointy wings and counted approx 23-24 Common Nighthawks which I watched for almost two minutes. I have never seen them like that before. 
At the same park on 8/26 I had a Cuckoo but even though I heard it and saw it fly I wasn't for sure which one as I couldn't see it land again and the sounds on the recording started to confuse me.
Nancy AndersonDanbury Twpnear Marblehead Lakeside


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