Date: 8/28/17 4:10 pm
From: Windstream Mail <randyc11...>
Subject: Lebanon County
Don Billett and I meet at Reistville today because of the good birding. At
10:20 today I had the immature Buff-breasted Sandpiper in the grass next to
the Amish school . I heard this bird was seen this weekend. It went into the
high grass

and was not seen again. The Glossy Ibis was seen flying in from the
northwest with a large group of shorebirds, in the same place. Also 2
Western Sandpipers with large bills were across from Fox Road , one winter
and the other near breeding plumage. Don has photos too look through for
other birds. Tim Becker stopped in and said the Phalaropes and Stilt were
along the Rt. 501 Amish pond. A group went over and the Stilt Sandpiper -1,
and the 3 Wilson's Phalarope were feeding with many shorebirds. From here
some groups of shorebirds were flying west .

Randy C. Miller

Lancaster County
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