Date: 8/28/17 4:11 pm
From: <bertf...>
Subject: [texbirds] City of Mission passes resolution in opposition to the border wall
This afternoon the City Council of Mission passed a strong resolution "in
opposition of building border infrastructure, including walls, levees or
fences along the US-Mexico border."

My wife and I attended the city council meeting this afternoon. The entire
1-1/2 page resolution was read before the council voted their approval,
followed by enthusiastic applause by a standing-room only crowd of

I have a printed copy of the well-worded resolution. It especially
highlights its opposition to the isolation of historic La Lomita Chapel and
the loss of revenue from ecotourism from The National Butterfly Center, The
World Birding Center Headquarters and Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.
It states that many Winter Texans choose Mission over other locations for
its unique attractions (that is why our home is in Mission). It recognizes
the potential loss of seasonal revenues and taxes generated by popular RV
parks, restaurants and attractions south of the proposed Wall.

The resolution further states that "additional border infrastructure would
do nothing to improve the effectiveness of deterrence, security, or any
other justification used for the construction of the wall." It states, "The
allocated resources for the infrastructure would be better utilized by
providing more cost effective methods of enforcing immigration policies,
such as technology and additional personnel."

The next paragraph surprised me because I was not aware of how much land was
involved. The resolution states, "the proposed border wall will leave
hundreds of thousands of acres of US land on the other side of the wall, .
The border wall would cut off large swaths of land and divide
privately-owned property ."

In another paragraph, it states, "the wall would cause serious environmental
damage to the ecosystem of the Rio Grande Valley by increasing emissions,
cutting off natural water flows, and disturbing wildlife migration routes."

The resolution passed unanimously.

Bert Frenz

Mission, TX


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