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Subject: Re: IBET Orioles in Big Rock
Of course! I had one in my yard yesterday (north side of Chicago) and they still are being seen at Montrose Point, where they nest every year. (Baltimore Orioles, that is 😃)

Alex Bloss

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Can we see orioles in chicago area?

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Hi John -

The orioles have been thick here as well. We usually have frequent daily visits for most of the summer, then a few weeks with few or none, followed by a quick uptick in activity for a couple of weeks before they are gone for the year. This year, they've been coming 4 to 6 at a time and have been doing so for a couple of weeks now. It seems like their late summer visit is lasting longer than in previous years to me. They've gone through 2 big jars of jelly in the last 3 weeks!

Lucy DeLap
East Dundee
Kane County

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Subject: IBET Orioles in Big Rock

A few days ago, we had a male Baltimore Oriole show up in the yard. We put what we thought was the last of the grape jelly, out. The oriole has been here since. This AM, we had 4 male Orioles at the jelly (I did buy another jar). We had 2 pair produce young in the area this summer. I don't recall Fall Orioles in the past.

John Heneghan
Big Rock, Kane Cty

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