Date: 8/28/17 9:03 am
From: 'Rhonda (Monroe) Rothrock' <woodthrusheola8...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Jackson Co. IL & (Perry Co.MO) Anhingas
Three anhingas were seen and reported on Grand Tower Island (between the Chutes / Perry Co. MO) on the 26th. They were a male and 2 (female/juvy plumage). For details check the Perry Co. MO ebird page Yesterday/Sunday, after countless attempts, I finally saw anhingas. First got a glimpse of an female/juvy then got long, glorious views of a soaring male. The male circled north from the island, across the Upper Chute, into Jackson Co. IL! Cha-ching!!
A suggestion for anyone still wanting to see an anhinga, make it down to Grand Tower Island, between the chutes at about the time the morning thermals start to rise. This is when all the thermal riding bird species were in the air: pelicans, both vultures (dozens & dozens), bald eagles, kites, 3 species of hawks, and the anhingas. A few cormorants flew by but they didn't join the thermal ride. I'd thought the thermals would be earlier and was at the chutes around 8:30 am (staying until about 9:30) but the birds didn't hit the air on Sunday until about 10ish. Two MO birders, (Mark & Mark) pulled up while I was searching thru the soaring masses. My thanks to the pelicans for flashing their white color which initially brought my attention to the wondrous thermal spectacle. (I was east of IL Rt. 3 looking for shorebirds at the time). 
 Rhonda Rothrock
Pomona, Jackson County, IL

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