Date: 8/28/17 8:06 am
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] Eastern Kingbird 'Fallout' in Crosby County
Greetings All:
Eastern Kingbird is a rare migrant in most of my region and I generally
consider myself lucky to see one or two annually in the area.

Yesterday (28 August 2017) I saw eight! They were patchily distributed
throughout the county (1 was at Silver Falls Rest Area; 1 was along FM 28
north of Highway 82; 2 were along FM 193 between FM 28 and FM 651; 2 were
at the FM 193 x FM 651 junction; 1 was along FM 651 north of Crosbyton; 1
was along FM 651 south of Crosbyton).

This is a truly phenomenal number of Eastern Kingbirds for a single day in
Crosby County and I couldn't help but wonder (though I saw no other
evidence in the form of eastern migrants) if these were southbound migrants
shunted westward by the swirling air mass of Harvey. The outermost bands
of this system were, for a time, visible from the Crosby/ Dickens County
line: well organized bands of clouds coming from the east and then curving
to the south in the distance.

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson; Lubbock

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