Date: 8/28/17 4:04 am
From: David Shuford <deshuford1...>
Subject: Re: Eclipse Report
I saw the eclipse at a church near Madisonville, Tn. They had an event.
About 350 _yards_ off the centerline. I was much too taken by the
eclipse to remember to notice any wildlife effects. But after it was
over, the pastor did say he heard crickets. There were no birds around,
as this was in a field, far from trees. I don't think many birds sing in
the heat of the day in August anyway.

However, on both of the days I was there, in the morning, the first bird
I heard when I opened the door of my car was a Blue Grosbeak. Both days.

On the way down to the site, early on eclipse day, in my rearview
mirror, I noticed the sun rising. It was deep red-orange. It reminded my
of one of my favorite paintings, The Song of the Lark. So, I called this
experience The Song of the Grosbeak.

The next day, I stopped by Seven Isles State BIRDING Park. What?! I met
a couple who had also seen the eclipse from a church. They saw deer that
ventured out of the woods at the eclipse and then stumbled all over
themselves trying to get back in the woods once it was over.

David Shuford
Winston-Salem, NC

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