Date: 8/27/17 9:09 pm
From: Siobhan Basile <smbasile...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant, Peregrine Falcon
I stopped by the Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant late this evening hoping for a look at the buff-breasted sandpiper. I was scanning through the flock of small shorebirds when four killdeer flew up with an alarm call sending all the peeps up also. I looked up from my spotting scope to see a Peregrine Falcon soaring low over the drained pond. The falcon kept going crossing the Squamscott River to the far side and then landing on an upper branch of a dead white pine.

It was late and I was losing light but it looked like the falcon was spending the night there as it snugged up against the tree trunk. I didn't get to see the buff-breasted sandpiper but the peregrine was a nice consolation. The peeps never left the pool, they went back down after the falcon went by.

Siobhan Basile


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