Date: 8/27/17 5:52 pm
From: David Brown <davidebrownpa...>
Subject: Route 15 Overlook Hawk Watch, Lycoming County
The Route 15 Overlook near South Williamsport in Lycoming County is a great
handicapped accessible hawk watching site. You can sit in the shade in the
grass immediately adjacent to your vehicle and are only minutes from
Williamsport. Don't miss out on great hawk watching just because you can't
hike a long distance up a mountain:

Last September we had many days with hundreds of broad-winged hawks:

Last November we had a day with 27 golden eagles:

Raptors are already migrating. Yesterday we had 42 broad-winged hawks:

And today we had 26 broad-winged hawks:

This fall I will be working as the official counter at the Ashland Hawk
Watch in Delaware so I won't be able to be at the Route 15 Overlook, but it
would be great if others were able to go and enjoy it and get some data
into eBird.

David Brown
Lycoming County
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