Date: 8/27/17 3:15 pm
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Lucy's Warbler & other Central Park notes
The LUCY'S WARBLER continued this morning as mentioned in various posts. It frequents the mid story of the eucs at the eastern end of the east-west fence line when walking east from the Slater parking lot. It makes occasional forays to the smaller trees around the two small ponds to the south and southwest before returning to the eucs. It is slow moving and often disappears for spells and then suddenly resurfaces. It is best detected by listening for its "spink" call.

On a general note, conditions in Huntington Central Park are much improved from recent years:

-This summer irrigation resumed in all of the park east of Goldenwest. Lawns and shrubbery are healthier and green again.
-Talbert Lake has been slowly refilling since early July. The entire footprint of the lake is now covered with water.
-Many eucs are very leafy and covered with lerps.
-Although many sycamores died from the shot-hole borers the remaining trees (although few) appear to have developed resistance to the pest. Though stressed they have regrown at least respectable foliage.

It's only Aug 27th and this weekend most all of the western warbler species (Townsend's, Black-throated Gray, Nashville, Wilson's, Orange-crowned, MacGillivray's, Hermit, Common Yellowthroat, Yellow) were seen. Throughout August I noticed a lot of warbler activity concentrated in and around the 'island' slough, the euc grove north of the amphitheater, and the two small ponds where the Lucy's was found Monday. I'm optimistic about the park's potential this season and hope to see more birder coverage.

Roger Schoedl

Huntington Beach

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