Date: 8/27/17 2:18 pm
From: Dan Larson <0000008df5d69958-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Baker Wetlands Survey
Roger Boyd, Scott Kimball, Sam Richards, Nick Pumphrey, and Dan Larson surveyed Baker Wetlands, Lawrence, Kansas on August 27 2017. We started the survey on a pleasant cloudy day that was finally curtailed by rain at 11 AM. We found 53 species.Jenny Kilburg, Roger Boyd, Susan Iverson, Marcia Hawk and Roger Boyd did a survey on Wenesday, August 23 and had 55 species. Previous years on this date: 2016- 65; 2015 - 76 (good shorebirds and passerines); 2014 - 57; 2013 - 44; 2012 - NA; 2011 - 45.We did find a Sora today and a Brown Thrasher both have not been counted for awhile.  We still had 68 Sedge Wrens, a significant number but less than half from previous survey (166).
WaterbirdsCanada Goose 12Wood Duck 27Blue-winged Teal 34Northern Shoveler 1Mallard 10Pied-billed Grebe 9Great Blue Heron 13Great Egret 7Little Blue Heron 6Green Heron 3Sora 1American Coot 2Killdeer 7Solitary Sandpiper 1Lesser Yellowlegs 2
Complete survey is below.
Thanks Dan LarsonBerryton Kansas

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