Date: 8/27/17 7:46 am
From: Angus Pritchard <anguspritchard...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Decatur Cemetery Wilson's Warbler
Hi all,

This morning at Decatur Cemetery I had a female WILSON'S WARBLER in the
willowy creek bottom by the southernmost bridge. I'll be adding photos to
the eBird list.

Small, almost kinglet-sized Warbler that behaved like a Hooded. It was only
about 2/3 the size of the two Hooded Warblers it was loosely associating
with. Yellow face and underparts, olive cap, nape and back. No white in the
tail. Pale bill (all HOWA age-classes have dark bills)

Maybe it'll stick around for a couple of days. Either way, migration is
beginning: I had a Prairie Warbler in the same area of the Cemetery.

Good Birding,

Angus Pritchard
Dekalb Co

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