Date: 8/26/17 6:17 pm
From: Glenn d'Entremont <gdentremont1...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Probable Audubon's Shearwater-Race Point Beach, 8/26/17
Today, 8/26/17, after observing the thousands of shearwaters present, this one came by which appeared different. It was a small shearwater, Manx size, and it was noticeably lighter brown than the Manxs I had seen for the two or so hours; like milk chocolate color. It had a pale face which had a dark spot which I took as the eye, while all the good looks at Manx showed a dark face with a pale arc behind the cheek. The Manx's present would periodically glide while this bird continued to flap the entire time I could follow it. I was trying to follow it being somewhat out of position as I was at the end of the scanning position and had to follow it in somewhat a contorted position being concerned if I moved I would loose it, which I did when I had to move.

The viewing was maybe 30 seconds to one minute. The light was very good and it was one of the closest birds at the time. Hopefully someone else can see this individual.


Glenn d'Entremont: <gdentremont1...> Stoughton, MA
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