Date: 8/26/17 1:27 pm
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] DelawareLake,8-26:cuckoos,swallows
With commitments in the afternoon, I rushed this morning around several areas of the Wildlife Area bordering this lake north of Delaware. Anticipating a cool morning, I scouted for 'sun-lines' -- treelines that get early sun -- around Panhandle Rd, Sherwood Rd, and Cole Rd. I was able to get some migrants, but the most interesting stuff was swallow flocks and a large kettle of vultures that formed over the lake. Highlights included:

Vultures - 60+ over the whole morning, with nearly 50 in one big kettle over the middle of the Lake
Raptors - joining the soaring kettle were 2 Osprey and 1 immature Bald Eagle. An adult Red-shouldered was calling along Cole Rd.
Cuckoos - Yellow-bills were at most stops, but I also had Black-billed at Sherwood Rd
Flycatchers - Pewees widespread, but others scarce; did have Acadian, Phoebe, Gr.Crested, E.Kingbirds
Swallows - scattered flock over the lake at Sherwood Rd launch included Tree, Rough-winged, Cliff, Barn, Purple Martins. Smaller flocks were at Panhandle and Cole Rds.
Vireos - Red-eyed at all stops, but nothing else
Thrushes - 1 Wood still calling along the old road at Sherwood Rd access; Robins abundant
Cedar Waxwings - flocks at many spots
Warblers - still scarce, except for ComYellowthroats. Did have Redstarts at several spots, along with a Bay-breasted at Sherwood Rd
Orioles - every stop had Baltimores; Sherwood Rd access had 3-4.


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