Date: 8/25/17 7:03 pm
From: Suzanne Coleman <isooz...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Grove warblers, data (Cook), fall
The warblers I had were all together.  
2 blackburnian or more1-2 nashvilles, in their usual spot, isn't that interesting (it is to me)?yellow am redstart2 or more blackpolls
they were mixing in with the red-eyed vireo/s, goldfinches, and one or more chickadees, whilst one or more hairy-type woodpeckers would zoom across the view, stopping in this tree or that
I may have had more birds but I kept seeing the same ones (warbler-wise) as noted above as they moved along the area.
also had:
red-eyed vireo (haven't seen them at all since spring), 1-4heard only great-crested flycatcher MEEPing4 pewees calling!  many woodpeckers calling, prob mostly red-belliedsaw hairy I think, very moltyred-bellied woodpecker also disheveled2 immature mallard babies remain
did not go to back area where had 11 wood ducks (finally!) last week or so (9-10 immatures)
robinchimney swift, 11-2 nighthawks
goldfinches feeding young in large groups (11 and less)
chickadees calling and mixing with warbler group
gnatcatcher, house wrens chattering it up, wb nuthatches meeping
grackles massing up ready for the acorns when they are 
leaves yellow and red.. what month is it again?  
Brrr  down to 66.  Had to turn on the seat heater on the way home.
Suzanne ColemanCook co.8/25/17
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