Date: 8/25/17 6:59 pm
From: Nancy Obryan <nancy.obryan...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Geauga Co, Novelty (N.E. Ohio)--tanagers and other migrants
I saw one male scarlet tanager this morning and at least four female and/or immature tanagers. They seemed to be traveling together. Other migrants--

1 female common yellowthroat

4 baltimore orioles (all females and immatures)

2 cedar waxwings

1 empid flycatcher

1 carolina wren

There are still a lot of rose-breasted grosbeaks here. I counted at least 11 today. There were at least 13 catbirds, maybe some were migrants? I spotted the brown thrasher again this morning, so it is still here.

The woodpeckers are all very active--especially the northern flickers. Do some of them migrate?


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