Date: 8/25/17 5:13 pm
From: Michael Fialkovich <mpfial...>
Subject: Westmoreland County--Legless Yellowlegs

I went to Donegal Lake after work today to check on shorebirds. Donegal meadow is more like it. The lake is reduced to a pond near the dam and the area is grown up into a meadow.

A few shorebirds were there including:

5 Killdeer
2 Pectoral Sandpipers
6 Lesser Yellowlegs
1 Spotted Sandpiper

One of the yellowlegs was missing its right leg. It hopped on a single leg while feeding and when it flew I could see it was missing a leg. As it landed it only used its left leg. Strangely, another bird was missing its right foot. It hobbled around as it fed. I saw it scratch its chin using the end of the leg. Despite these handicaps both birds looked fit and were managing well. The plumage was in good condition and the birds overall looked fine.

A few Bobolinks were calling as they flew over and Cedar Waxwings were flycatching.

Mike Fialkovich
Pittsburgh Area, Allegheny County
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