Date: 8/25/17 5:06 pm
From: Lovelace, Glen (DelDOT) <Glen.Lovelace...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Dorchester warblers and Wicomico shorebirds 8/25
Hello All,

I began the day birding around home, but that was slow and dull (except maybe for a juvenile Chat). So I moved on to nearby Dorchester in hopes of some warblers there. My first stop on North Tara Rd was at the northeast edge of the woods (at a gravel driveway). Among an active flock was a Brewster's Warbler, certainly an unexpected find on Delmarva. This bird had a bright yellow crown, 2 bright yellow wingbars; generally gray above and clean white below; and no pattern on the face. On the southwest end of the road, I had a Blackburnian Warbler. In between, were 3 Ovenbird, 2 Worm-eating, at least 6 Prairie, at least 9 Pine. Also, both tanager and 2 Red-headed Woodpeckers at the stream crossing. On the west end of Wesley Rd was another large active flock with a Chestnut-Sided and Redstart. With adding yellowthroat and a Yellow at Hurlock WWTP, 11 warbler species total. Otherwise, Hurlock WWTP held the usual suspects.

The Royal Sod farm on ME 331 between Hurlock and Rhodesdale held an Upland Sandpiper (in the northeast corner), 2 Amer. Golden Plover and 1 Black-bellied (in the middle), and a smattering of common shorebirds in the tiny puddle (southeast corner). A newly harvested potato field across the road could be good with some rain and rotting potatoes.

Next stop was the Log Cabin Rd sod farm to chase the Reeve reported by Jim Stasz. I could not relocate it in an hour of trying. Lots of shorebirds present though - numbers of Lesserlegs, Pecs, Least and Semi Sands; a few Semi Plover, 1 Solitary. My consolation prize was Least Bittern flushed from the tall grasses by the mowers.

Good birding,

Glen Lovelace III

Seaford, DE

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