Date: 8/25/17 4:03 pm
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] San Joaquin highlights, 8/25/17
We visited San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary during the mid-morning today; among the highlights were:

One Sora at the northwest corner of Pond B

A Red-shouldered hawk in a cottonwood tree near the confluence of Ponds A, B, and 1

The odd partially leucistic California thrasher was easily found, first between ponds 1 and 3, and later in the same cottonwood tree where the red-shouldered hawk had been perched earlier. The thrasher sang in the tree for an extended period. At one point, it was visited by two other thrashers of the non-freaky variety.

Marsh wrens were actively singing today on the north side of Pond 1. We watched a pair darting in and out of the cattails, chasing one another about. No pictures, unfortunately. Too dang fast.

At least two Clark's grebes with juveniles were present on Pond 1. A number of Caspian terns and Black skimmers were also on Pond 1, on the island.

No sign of the least bitterns that had been so conspicuous in the last week (I did manage to see one last Friday, though).

A small flock of Western sandpipers was on the south side of Pond C. I didn't see any rarities among them.

Here's a photo of the thrasher.

Charles Baker
Tustin, CA

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