Date: 8/25/17 12:39 pm
From: Bill and Carole Telfair <wbchtelfair...>
Subject: Barn Owl
This morning at 6:55 my doorbell rang. I was planning to go birding and was 5 minutes from leaving for Altona Marsh. It was my neighbor who knew I was a birder and she wanted me to look at an owl that had been around her garage for the last 12 hours.  I went to see and found an immature Barn owl that could hardly walk. It couldn't fly. How it had survived the night with the foxes and coyotes prowling around, I could only guess.
So I grabbed my thick leather gloves and a heavy blanket and threw the blanket over it. It just rolled up in the blanket and went to sleep, as far as I could tell. I put it on the front seat of my car with its head showing and drove it to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Boyce, VA (the closest avian recovery center).  Unfortunately, it passed away about a half hour after it arrived.
Bill TelfairJefferson County
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