Date: 8/25/17 7:40 am
From: Ashley Peele via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Time to think about switching back to the 'regular' eBird portal
Happy Fall Migration, Atlas volunteers!

We’re now firmly into the Fall transition time for migratory species, which
means that Atlas volunteers should start thinking about switching their
default eBird portal (on phone or computer) back to the 'regular' eBird
portal ( The only breeding codes that may still be in
use are confirmed breeding codes and even these should only be applied to
resident species. A few lingering examples of late-breeding migrants may
persist, but volunteers should generally avoid tagging migrants with
breeding codes at this late point in the season.

One super late breeder that you are likely to still get breeding evidence
for is the American Goldfinch. This species can engage in
breeding behaviors well into September and even early October.

So! Remember the rule and stick with it as we move into Fall. If an eBird
checklist has NO breeding codes on it, then it belongs in the regular eBird

Thanks to all the volunteers who have continued to log late-summer Atlas
data. Many folks have used this time to snag those last few breeding
confirmations. Well done!

We're well into a major review of the Atlas dataset, including assessing
block completion. Expect to receive communications from us ahead of next
spring with recommendations for finishing blocks or moving on to others!

All the best,

Ashley Peele, PhD
Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas Coordinator
Conservation Management Institute - Virginia Tech
Office: 540-231-9182
Fax: 540-231-7019
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