Date: 8/24/17 5:45 pm
From: Chad Kauffman <chadkauffman...>
Subject: Re: Snyder County - Swallow Tailed Kite - yes
Hello all

I got there at 6pm and stayed for over an hour. the owners say it has
been seen from 10 to 3pm almost daily for the last 2 weeks. I was just
too late in the day. the family was very nice and we made sure to buy
some produce from their stand in front of their house. the road behind
their house up to the barn is terrible. almost a 2 foot rut in the
middle. I would suggest parking down below by the house and walking up
after you let the owners know why you are there. they are very bird
friendly.. I some who are going to try for it in the morning. Make sure
you check in with them at the produce stand and take some of their items
home. Lets let them know that PA birders are great people and appreciate
them allowing us to see such a great bird. I bought 3 crenshaws that I
cut up tonight and they were awesome. they are between a honeydew and
cantaloupe. We did drive around the area a bit after we left and there
are many good places to look, imo.

On 8/24/2017 4:06 PM, Chad Kauffman wrote:
> Aden just called and he confirmed the Swallow Tailed Kite at 2-2:30pm
> it is at 546 Nipple Rd, Mt Pleasant Mills, PA
> Adam Stauffer first found it first, he works on his grandfathers farm
> at this address.  the grandfathers name is Showalter.  it is a
> mennonite farm with produce.
> the driveway is deeply rutted, but they are welcoming birders.
> It hasn't been seen all the time, but it comes and goes.
> What a great bird for Snyder county
> Chad Kauffman, Mifflintown, PA

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