Date: 8/24/17 5:15 pm
From: Ms Diane Holsinger <0000002c027a27a0-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Red Head Woodpeckers
Kathy King & I went birding today
Greenland Gap was hopping with  Red Head Woodpeckers 
We saw TEN Red Heads in a Locust Grove So don't CUT those LOCUST TREES 
They were calling chasing & drumming   Nice to see that many in one place 

Kimsey Dam  this Morning 
Osprey Merlin Family of Common Yellow ThroatsFour Kingfishers 

Four Red Head Woodpeckers in a Tree With a Bald Eagle This group was NOT at Kimsey  BUT  at the bridge before KimseyBeen a long time since I have seen RHWP near KimseyThe starlings have chased them away from the dead trees at the dam

Diane Holsinger
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