Date: 8/24/17 1:52 pm
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] HooverNaturePreserve,8-24:CaspianTerns,landbirdMigrants
I birded several areas around the northern portion of Hoover Reservoir this morning, with stops at Oxbow Road, Wiese Rd, the Boardwalk, and Area N. Water level is till ridiculously high, so shorebirds and herons were not abundant. Small groups of landbird migrants were at all stops, but there was no big fallout. Notables included

Herons - aside from scattered Great Blues, there were 2 Great Egrets off the Boardwalk and a Green Heron at Oxbow Island
Shorebirds - a few Killdeer were at various spots, and Oxbow had 2 Spotted Sandpipers, while Area N had a Solitary Sandpiper
Caspian Terns - 5 were fishing around Oxbow Island, and another pair were off the Boardwalk
Osprey - lots, with 4 around Oxbow Island, and another 4 scattered between Wiese Rd and the Boardwalk
Flycatchers - Pewees and Phoebes widespread, but also had E.Kingbirds off the Boardwalk
Swallows - small flocks of Barn Swallows were everywhere, and there were a few Purple Martins, Rough-wings, and Cliffs mixed in
Vireos - singing Warbling and Red-eyed were at Oxbow, Wiese, and Area N
Gnatcatchers - winding down, with only singles at Oxbow and Wiese
Warblers - not much, but Wiese Rd did have a juvenile Cape May and a N.Waterthrush
Orioles - Baltimores were widespread, with 2 at most stops, while Oxbow had 3

A quick note: you might want to get your fall trip to Oxbow Island in quickly. By the middle of next month, the island will be closed as Columbus Rec & Parks enlarges and rebuilds the road and boat launch on the island. It probably won't re-open until Spring or Summer.


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