Date: 8/24/17 11:59 am
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Buff-breasted and Baird's Sandpipers + more-Genesee county 23, 24 August
Hi all,
Today (24 Aug), I had a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER in a bare (recently harvested) sod field on the south side of N. Byron Rd. in the town of Byron, Genesee county.  This is just east of Transit Rd.  There were 88 Killdeer (109 here two days prior), 9 Least Sandpipers, and 2 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS.  About 30 Horned Larks were also out in the field.  This spot is traditionally a great spot for Buff-breasted Sandpipers and American Golden-Plovers.  I recommend checking Transit Rd. just north of N. Byron Rd., N. Byron Rd. just west of Transit, and also Strouts Rd.  This area is also an ebird hotspot now called "CY Farms area," and the marker is placed on Transit Rd just north of the intersection w/ N. Byron Rd.
Cinnamon Marsh at Tonawanda WMA adjacent to the Iroquois NWR has still been productive.  While shorebird numbers are down a bit, I checked yesterday (23 Aug), and had many Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers.  There were small numbers of STILT SANDPIPERS, SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS, and Semipalmated Sandpipers as well as a few other species.  Of note yesterday was a flyover BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, and around 80 BOBOLINK.  Also, I had 29 Eastern Kingbirds (including a flyover flock of 12) at the marsh, which is the most I've had in one spot before.  They have been moving in good numbers the past couple days.  This spot, as well as nearby Kumpf Marsh at Iroquois NWR, is well worth checking for wading birds, shorebirds, and more.  Viewing is best at Cinnamon in the afternoon/evening when the sun is at your back.
Good birding,Greg LawrenceRochester, NY
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