Date: 8/24/17 7:10 am
From: Sunil Gopalan <sgopalan...>
Subject: [wisb] Barnacle Goose - Dane County
Hello -
A Barnacle Goose was found by a homeowner on private property on the west
side of Lake Kegonsa on Monday 8/21. Due to privacy concerns, the sighting
could not be shared at the time but it has not returned since that first

It has been keeping the company of several Canada Geese and was last seen
departing south-west after sunset Monday night. There are several areas to
check in the region in case it has hung around - including the lakeshore
and several WPAs around Rutland-Dunn Townline Rd.

The question of origin is vexing as always with this species, but the
individual showed no direct signs of captivity - it had intact halluxes, no
bands, all flight feathers, was capable of robust flight and behaved like
or more wary than wild Barnacle Geese I have seen.

Some images here:

Good luck to anyone that looks - and Stoughton area birders keep your eyes

Sunil Gopalan - Madison

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