Date: 8/24/17 6:49 am
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Subject: IBET Peregrine Falcon / Montrose 8/23
There was a Peregrine on the fishhook pier tower at Montrose yesterday from approx. 10 - 11:40am. From the tags (left leg black "N" over red "34", right leg one silver band) Mary Hennen at the Field Museum reports this to be a 2-y.o. male born in Columbus, OH. Perhaps it will stay in our area and someone will report more about this bird...

Also the puddle on the beach was dried up. So while shorebirds seemed to be a non-factor, some warblers and other birds made the hedge worthwhile. I thought I saw a Bittern fly to the northern panne area in the dunes but could not confirm this. Ladies Tresses and Bladderworts around the panne -- don't trample the plants!

Elliot Fu
Cook Cty

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