Date: 8/23/17 6:25 pm
From: <eric...>
Subject: Lake Hampton, Yadkin County Park
This relatively new county park west of Yadkinville off Old HWY 421 had
some interesting bird surprises on it today. Unfortunately I did not
bring binoculars and was just showing the park to a cousin who was
dropping me off to pick up a vehicle at a nearby garage. Didn't really
expect to see any birds of note. We had a either a snowy egret or a
cattle egret, and I would likely go with the former at a distance of
120-150 yards. We also had a couple of terns, one of which could only
have been a black tern. I really regreted being without a binocular...oh

A couple of disappointing notes...someone had to plant Japanese barberry
as landscaping beside the park office. When I brought it up, the park
attendant's only reply was "it looks like a bush to me". Should I really
have expected anything different? There is an inordinate amount of lawn
that is maintained - space that would be great for butterfly plants and
other natives. Their annual budget could likely be halved if all the
lawn space were transitioned to something that would contribute more to
biodiversity conservation - likely a foreign topic to the folks calling
the shots here.

Eric Harrold

Hays, NC
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