Date: 8/23/17 3:22 pm
From: Drew Whitelegg <drewwhitelegg1...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Dead Bald Eagle DeKalb County
Hi all,
I got a call last night from a parent at my school who said there was a
dead bird on the side of a turning lane off Lawrenceville Highway, near the
Waffle House past I-285 (i.e. near Johns Homestead). She described it as a
very big hawk, with white head and rump/tail feathers and a large yellow
bill. She thought it was a Bald Eagle and I would tend to agree with her,
based on the description. She wanted to know what to do but I couldn't
really think of anything.

Assuming it was a Bald Eagle this is very sad. It's also important to note
that this is a pretty unusual place for one to be (though Tucker birders
may have more input on this). I've only seen them in the far north and far
south of the county.

Wanted to pass on this info, sad though it is.

Drew Whitelegg
DeKalb Co.

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