Date: 8/23/17 2:41 pm
From: Kojo Baidoo <baidookojo6...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Migrant Yard Birding/Cerulean Warbler!!!
I've been doing a fair amount of yard birding recently in anticipation of the storm that is the fall migrant movement, just to see if I can find anything. I've had a lot of gnatcatchers passing through in the past two weeks with an estimated five every day I've been outside, along with a Black-and-white Warbler (last Saturday), American Redstart (one Aug 14, Monday, and one today), and a Yellow Warbler on Monday and Tuesday. Today, I wasn't expecting much because of rain during the night, and for the first twenty-five minutes I was just watching a mixed flock of chickaddes, gnatcatchers, local birds, and a single redstart that passed through for little more than a minute. However, soon another bird appeared among the gnatcatchers, definitely a warbler. It was a slim and long bird, and it gave me a Chestnut-sided jazz because of the apparent grayish underparts and tail pattern (I was viewing the bird with my naked eye). However, soon it came down, and then I got more of a Blackburnian/Baypoll vibe when I noticed a yellowish tinge. I took photos, and soon the bird retreated back up to the canopy. When I took a break to look at my photos, I was expecting a drab Blackburnian; however, what I had looking back me (or rather, an insect in front of me) was most definitely a female Cerulean Warbler! The blue-green tints to the cap, eye-stripe, and wings gave it away, along with the streaks. I was never expecting to see this bird during the fall, and especially not in my own yard! Probably the rarest and coolest yard bird I've ever had. I'm not expecting her to stick around, because she's definitely got a long journey ahead of her... hopefully she makes it down to those cloud rainforests safely and comes back up here to breed next spring.


Looking forward to an exciting migration season!

Kojo Baidoo
Reisterstown, MD

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