Date: 8/23/17 1:19 pm
From: Collins, Fred (Commissioner Pct. 3) <FCollins...>
Subject: [texbirds] Tropical Storm Harvey may be affecting birds
Yes between the sagging cold front, the high pressure ridge in west Texas and the high pressure off to the east the tropical low is moving up to meet the front between the two highs. The central and upper coast will be drenched in a couple of days and the storm will probably wash out on the frontal line and give central and north Texas a drenching. I suspect the birds feel all of this and are moving to avoid it. We have had a couple of pulses of Ruby-throats this week. They don't seem to be staying but a few hours where most years they stay days. The next few days will be interesting wildlife watching for those who do not have to worry about their own homes and cars being flooded.
Good luck to all.

Fred Collins, Director
Kleb Woods Nature Center
20303 Draper Road,Tomball TX 77377

Harris County Precinct 3
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