Date: 8/23/17 12:06 pm
From: Mark McShane <mcshanebirder...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Casper Update! - 8/23/2017
Hi All,

Mary Lynch of Tucker just sent an 8/23 update for Casper the white hummingbird:

I'm pleased to say that Casper is still here. This past Sat. we saw him only briefly in the early morning, but he was back on Sunday and we've seen him frequently each day since.


Previous update (8/6):

Casper continues to feed and hang out in our front yard, but in the last few days, I think there have been longer periods when he's elsewhere, so sightings are more unpredictable. Other hummingbirds, on the other hand, have taken advantage of his less than constant watch of the front feeder! Also, I've looked for any changes in Casper's appearance, but haven't noticed anything. And, when I see him at a distance, in bright light, hovering next to dark green maple leaves or bright green pine needles, his whiteness is still startling!

Previous update (7/31):

We've seen Casper frequently each day. Mornings before 9 / 9:30 are especially good for sightings. The crape myrtle and dogwood tree in which the feeder hangs continue to be favorite places for him to hang out and keep watch. He also favors, especially in the morning, the 2 large "black and blue" salvia bushes in the garden area to the left of the feeder and towards the street and after feeding on their blossoms, will often perch on branch tips in the Japanese maple behind the salvia. Casper had several admirers this past week and a long video session on Sat., 7/29.


PREVIOUS POSTS WITH FULL INFORMATION AND VIDEO (Videos 1, 2, and 3 are my favorites, if you can only watch 3!):

Casper Continues - Tucker, Dekalb County - 7/22/2017

Casper, as I've named the white, er leucistic, hummingbird that Mary Lynch and family of Tucker are currently hosting (or maybe it's Casperina, but probably a subadult male) continues as of today! Mary will keep me posted as to when the bird departs, or if the rare hummer's visiting pattern changes and I will let everyone know, so until then assume that Casper is still there! Mary advises that Casper has been seen daily so far since they first noticed the very unusual hummer at their feeder.

Also, Julie Lindauer Jacobs wrote and provided the link to the WHITE HUMMINGBIRDS: ALBINO HUMMINGBIRDS & LEUCISTIC HUMMINGBIRDS page on the Operation Rubythroat site at:

Pretty cool, thanks Julie!

Previous post with eBird checklist, photos, exact location, and instructions:

Stunning White Hummingbird - Tucker, Dekalb County - 7/21/2017

Mary Lynch of Tucker wrote yesterday wanting help with the ID of a white hummingbird she has had coming to her front yard feeder since about 4 July. I was able to go by and phonescope-video the bird this morning and put some frames up into an eBird report, along with the exact location:

I haven't had time to completely analyze the footage but I believe this bird is a Ruby-throated. There are 3-5 regular Ruby-throateds around the property as well. If anyone has any comments regarding the bird please post.

Mary and family welcome birders to come by and see the bird. The hummingbird is guarding a feeder under a tree in the center of the front yard and was pretty much constantly viewable for the time that I was there. This bird is very easy to photograph at close range (I kind of cheated and used a scope though). Please park on the street at the curb and observe from the street, the driveway, or in the front yard on the grass only. Please stay out of the flowers and beds! There is no need to call or contact Mary before coming over. The bird will also roost on the street side of the tree and the wires sometimes, and chases all of the other hummers a bunch.

Thanks so much to Mary and family for sharing their gorgeous hummingbird, beautiful hummingbird front yard, and for being such gracious hosts!

The address is:
3056 Rockaway Road
Tucker, GA 30341


Casper Videos - Tucker, Dekalb County - 7/21/2017

Per previous posts concerning Casper I edited some of the video files and they are available for download from my Box site. I kind of ranked them 1-5, but they are all the best of the brief clips that I was able to get handholding the phone and trying to focus through the scope via the screen in the bright sunlight. I think that even this simple type of video capture can certainly reveal a lot about the birds we love!

The videos of Casper can be found directly at:

or in the

072117 Casper Tucker GA folder

folder on my Box site at:

Available on Flickr at:

A quick and easy view of some of the video still frames of Casper can be had via the eBird checklist as well:

Handheld phonescoped video and still frames may be best viewed on a large screen at the biggest size possible.

Information concerning how to use Apple MOV movie files can be read in my MOV Video File How-To.txt available at:

Some of the video files on the site can be a bit large and may take some minutes to download if you don't have high-speed internet access, but it may be best to download them to your desktop or somewhere on your computer before running them in QuickTime. That way they may run faster and you can keep them if you like them too. Being handheld and usually at a very high magnification they can sometimes get a little jittery, but they are still worth a look, especially since you can drag through frame by frame in QuickTime and pause the video on the best parts, playing at half speed in QuickTime can also be a good idea.


Good Birding All!


Mark McShane
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

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