Date: 8/22/17 1:22 pm
From: Joseph Kennedy <josephkennedy36...>
Subject: [texbirds] Yard birding
Tried to test the effects of the eclipse on the local birds. They did quiet
down but they were rather quiet in the first place. But no one at the
feeders for a while including the squirrel people
Did take some pictures of the sun. You can see the progress of the eclipse
in shadows on the sidewalk as the sun shines through the leaves of a tree.

West nile virus has reappeared after an absence of a couple of years. All
of the blue jays in 2 of the 3 local clans died within a period of a week
or so. One was immune or not bitten and is trying to join another family
without any luck yet. All my tame birds went. I had hoped that they had
developed an immunity like a few do.

The cooper's hawks had a boy and a girl chick that are out feeding very
well. The young male comes by the feeder and gets house finch youngsters. I
see the parents when out walking early in the day.

The red-tailed hawks moved off with the chicks almost right away and have
stopped coming back. The Mississippi kite that ranged overhead about once a
week is not doing that either. So no hawks but someone sure scares the
doves every now and then.

Not a good year for chicks among the little birds other than house finches.
Chickadees and titmice had one early brood but not a second and no downy or
red-belly chicks. Squirrels had lots of youngsters so there is someone to
talk to.

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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