Date: 8/21/17 4:08 pm
From: James Lindsey <climbpack...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...>
Subject: [cobirders] Birds in totality
I birded during the 3 and a half hour wait for totality this morning. Once totality began I sat in my chair and the barn swallows all roosted right away. I was watching a Great Blue Heron and an Great Horned owl who happened to be mere meters from one another for over an hour. The owl stayed roosted in a dead leafless tree that hung very low over the water of a small creek that ran off the dam of the reservoir. The heron actually went high up in the branches of a big cottonwood. The weirdest birds were the gulls. It was like they were all of a sudden confused and many of them flew back and forth and back and forth like they didnt quite know what to do. They almost looked like common nighthawks constantly turning and dipping. Once totality was over all the barn swallows came from where they roosted and almost looked like bats coming out of a cave all together. Very cool experience and the eclipse was indescribable. If you have never experienced one you must do it in your lifetime.

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