Date: 8/21/17 3:17 pm
From: Brian Fitch <fogeggs...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Nazca Booby NOT Seen Yesterday (+ Commentary)
Three experienced birders were out there from 7-8:40 yesterday with no luck
on the rarity, while the two Humpbacks and many flocks of Elegants kept us

Here we have another example of how bizarre birding or any natural
phenomena can be; a subadult Masked Booby appears on 8/12, maybe a first
city or county record, and an adult Nazca Booby appears on 8/19, a definite
first, with both in the Golden Gate Channel, and both first spotted from
boats. No one working from statistical probability could have accepted
this, so it's great to have multiple observers and photos of at least one
of the birds to prove that strikingly improbable events do actually occur
at times. (I'll lay my 2013 Alder Flycatcher on the evidence table again,
just for fun.)

And while I'm at it, please recall my report from June 19th concerning a
possible Parakeet Auklet coming and going from the Golden Gate Channel.
Taking nothing away from Rudy's great find, and based on the 2016 sightings
and photos, I'm submitting that we should be watching early next summer for
this little beauty to return. I'll even add a reminder about my report
from 2014 of a 1st year Parakeet Auklet at Sloat. I hope I'm not the only
person wondering if the sightings from all three years could pertain to the
same individual, one that's possibly formed a site bond with our coast.
Obviously, I'm only theorizing...

Brian Fitch

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> Late post to report that I did not see the Nazca Booby from the Warming
> Hut pier from 9-9:30 am yesterday morning. Consolation prize was at least
> 2 Humpback Whales inside the gate near Fort Baker. Saw Logan's large flock
> of Elegant Terns circling above the bridge.
> Any other updates on the Booby?
> -MC

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