Date: 8/12/17 8:40 pm
From: Suzanne Coleman <isooz...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Wadsworth (new name forgotten, yet again) Wetlands, Lake co.
Hi all,
Someone had mentioned (Bill?) the blooming lily pads/lotus at Hennepin, they also have them up at Wadsworth.  I've not yet been to HH but I think it's probably enormous, this place is not, but still very enjoyable.
There were green herons, spotted sandpipers, and red-winged blackbirds on the lily pads in the evening.  A great blue heron hung out and finally dove in waist deep to ensure to not be left out of the fun.
Two or more killdeer were on the muddy edges and later in the parking lot.  What an interesting variance in habitats.
One beaver was seen swimming around but the lodge seems smaller, did the PD do something to it?  They have done something along the edge near there.  The other lodge is the same as last year (S wetland).
As I was changing my memory card in my camera an American Bittern flew over, of course, and later a green heron flew and my record button didn't respond.  Such is the day of a videographer…
Six great egrets flew S/SE at sundown and there were also 6 seen by the Shell station S of the preserve along the Des Plaines River.
There were lots of mosquitos when I wandered N of Wadsworth road to "find" the bittern, yeah, I didn't find it, and I turned around pretty quickly.  Didn't have that problem at the wetland.  
Oh maybe that was because of the handful of barn and cliff swallows that were flying around the open water.  The goldfinches were singing weird tunes and were all around keeping a constant accompaniment.  The common yellowthroats were sounding off in the tall grasses and an adult female let herself be seen as she flew around the area near me.  She kept herself near the top of the dense prairie, staying partly hidden behind the many tall grasses that rise above it.
A kingbird perched atop a dead tree at sundown.  Wood ducks were everywhere.  
Suzanne ColemanCook co.8/12/17
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