Date: 8/12/17 7:38 pm
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Subject: [sbcobirding] Possible sighting of Tropical Kingbird at UCSB Lagoon
About 2 p.m. today, George and I saw what we believe to be a TROPICAL KINGBIRD. The bird had a dark brown notched tail with no white on outer edges (sides or tip); extensively greenish back; dark mask; and a particularly bright yellow belly. We watched the bird for approximately 5 minutes alternately flycatching just over the water and then perching in one of the small bare trees at the NW corner of the lagoon. It then flew off in the direction of Manzanita Village. I have seen Tropical Kingbirds only a couple of times before and although this bird appeared to be a Tropical Kingbird, I am particularly suspicious given the lack of records for this date.

Location: Seen in the NW corner of UCSB Lagoon where the path curves; nearby are steps leading to Manzanita Village. In this NW corner, there are three to four small, bare (dead?) trees in which the bird perched. I see that Jasen Liu posted a September 30, 2016 sighting at this same location.

Gage Ricard
Santa Barbara
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