Date: 8/12/17 5:35 pm
From: Peggy Wang <00000454f4164bea-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Beaver Marsh Least Bitterns
I decided to try my luck in the late afternoon, hoping for a look at the reported juveniles.

Around 5:45pm, one juvenile Least Bittern was spotted on the east side of the trail across from the N end of the lock (south of the boardwalk). Then another juvenile was seen close to the first & yet a third a bit south of the other 2. Talk about cute w/their fuzzy "caps".

At least one adult was seen flying back & forth across the trail from the lock area. At one point, an adult was clinging to the cat tails out on the edge giving great views (W side) before pitching across the trail to perch briefly on a tree branch on the E side.

V cool show enjoyed by birders, photographers & the general public wondering what the heck was all the excitement about.

Saw a White-breasted Nuthatch & a small (silent) empid, maybe a Least?

Peggy Wang
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