Date: 8/12/17 4:21 pm
From: Dougie Peebles <peebsfam...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Cataumet Merlin
Eating breakfast this morning at the Cape when a non-birding friend from Morocco looked out the window and said "Look at the falcon!"
And, indeed, it was, perched at eye level 20 feet away on the railing of our retaining wall- a fierce-looking Merlin.
It scanned the beach 40 feet below looking for an opportunity as we watched it for about 2 minutes, then over the edge it dove in fast pursuit.
Seen them before in Cataumet buzzing the beaches of Megansett Harbor, but never had such a prolonged and good view at close range.

Last post from Wayland, moving to Cataumet in two days.
I'll keep my eyes on Megansett Harbor for anything unusual.

Doug Peebles
Wayland to Cataumet
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