Date: 8/12/17 1:59 pm
From: Edge Wade <edgew...>
Subject: Shorebird Workshop, Eagle Bluffs recap
The MDC/ASM sponsored shorebird identification workshop held yesterday and today at Eagle Bluffs CA, Boone Co., was "sold out"--that is, all chairs/places were full.

Our thanks go to Sarah Kendrick for organization and publicity and eBird presentation, to Clayton Light for hosting duties and presentation on managing Eagle Bluffs for shorebirds, and to Brad Jacobs for excellent presentations, field trip leadership, and the quiz (primarily because his own score gave us hope and incentive). And to ASM for feeding us!

As always with this sort of event it was a warm pleasure (not talking weather here) to bird with old friends, some of whom we don't see often enough, and to put faces on names we've seen on Mobirds while reading great bird reports.

It was a special benefit to have birders and MDC staff have a chance to get acquainted and share birding adventure.

Most present were taking notes, some of them copiously. To accommodate my AADD, I concentrated on learning a few field marks I hadn't noticed or given importance to before. I'm sharing a couple here so you who couldn't be at the workshop can benefit from this opportunity:

Snow Plover--Note the large post ocular (behind the eye) black area, and of course, the black bill.

Western Sandpiper--Besides the rusty scapulars, note the BROAD BASED drooping bill.

And for fun:

Alternative name for Red Knot--Robin Snipe

Upland Sandpiper is closely related to Curlews.

Bodacious Birding (shorebird migration has yet to peak)

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO

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