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Subject: [NEBirds] Sedge Wrens
Nebraska birders,

As usual, I apologize for the long delay in reporting what
Lanny and I saw on Sunday, August 06. Maybe someday when I'm
not working full time, I'll have more leisure time.
Below is our list of highlights followed by the details.

Blue Grosbeak
Trumpeter Swans
Upland Sandpiper
Northern Bobwhite
Bell's Vireo
Cedar Waxwings
Sedge Wren
Swamp Sparrow
Green Heron
Indigo Bunting

As we were preparing to leave our home in Kearney County north
of Minden, we heard a Blue Grosbeak singing. In Buffalo County,
we stopped for a moment at the marsh just south of Ravenna to
look at two adult and two immature Trumpeter Swans.

In Sherman County, we stopped to walk along highway 68 and
across the bridge over the Middle Loup River near Rockville.
There is a nice wet meadow in this area. We heard Upland
Sandpiper's flight call. We also heard Bobwhite, Bell's Vireo,
Sedge Wren and Swamp Sparrow. The wren sounded like it was
close so we played a little bit of a recording of the wren's
song. The wren came up close and we saw it very well.

The Swamp Sparrow's song sounded like to was a quarter mile
away but when we played a recorded song, a Swamp Sparrow
flew out of the tall grass right beside us and perched for
a few moments. We saw it very well.

Also near the Rockville bridge, we saw at least one female
Bobolink, six Cedar Waxwings and a Green Heron. The heron was
out in the river on a bare sand bar. It looked as though it
was stalking prey. It was moving very slow, with its head low
and ready to strike. I'm not accustomed to seeing a Green Heron
out in the open.

In Rockville, we heard and saw an Indigo Bunting. After lunch,
we drove south and east of Rockville. Along 775th Road just
barely into Howard County, we heard another Sedge Wren singing.
It was our only new county bird for the day. Lanny and I are
tied at 177 in Howard County.

NO eBird

Robin Harding
northern Kearney County

September 15-17 birding event based in Ogallala, Nebraska
Organized by dedicated volunteers of the Nebraska Ornithologists'
Field trips are planned to Lake McConaughy and other great birding
areas in the area.



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